Bookkeeping Templates and Forms

We have designed a number of templates and forms for you to use in your small business. All the templates and forms are free-to-use.

Excel Templates
Our Excel templates are simple, easy to use and also easy-to-format. You are welcome to change colour, change fonts, etc, to best suit your business. All of the Excel templates are safe-to-use, and do not contain any major macros, etc. If you already have a Microsoft license, then simply open Excel and begin using the templates. If you do not have a Microsoft license, then you can use Microsoft 365 Online for free (as at April 2024). Find out more about Microsoft Online here.

All of the Excel templates can also be used in Google Sheets if you have a Google account.

PDF Forms
If you would rather keep a physical documentation system, then our PDF documents are perfect for you. Simply print them out (as many as you need) and keep them filed according to your filing system. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF Reader to use these forms.

Permission to Use

These forms and templates are perfect for Sole Proprietors, Small Business Owners and Freelancers to use if you haven’t yet moved your bookkeeping onto a computerised or Cloud Accounting system. Students will also find great benefit in using these for practise. You are welcome to use the templates and to print out as many forms as you need for your own business or learning needs. You may not sell any of these, or bundle them with other products for re-distribution.

1. Profit & Loss Statement
You will need this if you are not using accounting software for your business. It shows you if you are making a profit or a loss in your business. Can be used monthly, quarterly, or annually. Is it like a video clip of what happened in your business for a particular period of time.
2. Balance Sheet

This template helps you to figure out what your business is worth.
It is like a photograph of your business at a particular moment in time.

3. Cash Flow Statement

This template helps you to see what cash you have available to pay bills or to purchase new inventory or other equipment. It is usually used on a month-to-month basis.

4. Trial Balance

Use this template to enter all debits and credits from your account balances so that you can balance the books. It is most often used when dong a year-end closing of your books, or when you move onto new accounting software.

5. Petty Cash Log

Keep track of all the money in-and-out if you have a petty cash box in your small business.

Excel Template contains both the Petty Cash Template and also the Petty Cash Voucher Template.

6. Petty Cash Voucher

Use this slip to record each transaction in your petty cash. Get the manager (or small business owner) to authorise each transaction by signing each voucher.

Excel Template contains both the Petty Cash Template and also the Petty Cash Voucher Template.

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